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What to Expect

To apply for OMRI listing of your product, please first purchase an Application Kit . The kit includes: Checklist and Instructions All forms OMRI Policy Manual© OMRI Generic Materials List© with the OMRI Standards Manual© for re ...

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OMRI USA/Canada Seal

The OMRI seal is a powerful promotional tool. To help keep the value and recognition of the seal high, we ask that you follow the guidelines below and the licensing policy ( ...

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OMRI Canada Seal

Download the OMRI Canada Seal You must only use the OMRI Canada Seal in association with products currently on the OMRI Canada Products List © . To downloa ...

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Benefits of OMRI

Access Growing Markets Within days of your product becoming  OMRI Listed® , potential clients and their certifiers will learn of your acceptance through our website. And organic professionals frequently reference the  OMRI Products Lis ...

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Download the OMRI Products List

The OMRI Products List © is the most complete directory of products for organic production or processing under the U.S. National Organic Program standards, and includes over 4,000 "OMRI Listed®" products. About the OMRI Products Li ...

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OMRI for Input Suppliers

What are applicants saying about OMRI? Product review is challenging, but OMRI strives to make the process as simple as possible. We know we're succeeding because applicants, cer ...

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Liste su Producto

OMRI ofrece una revisión independiente para productos de marca a ser usados como insumos en agricultura y procesamiento orgánico. Los estándares de OMRI están basados en el Programa ...

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OMRI Lists

OMRI's printed and web version lists, and comprehensive web search, provide the organic community with accurate, current information about products and materials allowed for organic use. The current OMRI Products List© and OMRI Canada Products L ...

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How OMRI Helps

Industry Leadership "Without their service I'd be lost in a sea of questionable products." - Organic Producer " I trust the list that is published by OMRI, and I ap ...

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OMRI Products List

Download The OMRI Products List ©  is a directory of all products OMRI has determined are allowed for use in organic production, processing, and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program. Purchase t ...

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